Give students like Yurrilia a shot.

Yurrilia got one shot at 2nd grade, and thankfully you and STAIR were there to help her. However, there are more than 1,480 Birmingham City 2nd graders reading below grade level. Students who need you to support them, believe in them, and give them a chance to succeed. They can't do it without you.

Do you remember learning to read?
Did you sound out words with your parents?
Can you imagine learning to read in a home where English was not the first language?
My student, Yurrilia, is doing just that.

Yurrilia came to STAIR reading below grade level, yet her desire to learn was infectious; she mastered 100 sight words in the first two weeks of STAIR. I was an educator for 31 years and have never met such a highly-motivated student. She worked hard to develop new skills which enabled her to see patterns to decode words, learn new vocabulary, and read with confidence.

Would you give and provide an opportunity for other students like Yurrilia to become stronger readers? They can't do it without you.


Judy Matthews
Yurrilia's Tutor
STAIR Board President

Students like Yurrilia work with their tutors twice a week. Choose whether you'd like to support students like Yurrilia with a one time gift or cheer them on every month.

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